How to design a video game

Designing a video game can be a lot of fun. Designing a game and having it sold is one of the most rewarding times in the life of a graphics animator and game designer. However, becoming a game designer would require adequate training to train you on the essentials of computer-aided design tools, principles and the various techniques that are developed just for game design. If you are going to pursue a career in game design with a large company, then you may need to get an education and a diploma for that. You need to have credentials to be able to work.

But, if you are just going to do it for a hobby or for the sheer fun of it, then go ahead. This requires no college education or a degree. If you want to try it out and start on your own, then you can find a lot of game design software that you can use to create basic video games. Free downloadable software often comes with just the basic tools for simple games, but premium versions can help you create more features with more graphics and more capabilities for video effects and creative options.

Do not be afraid to start small

If this is your first time to create your video game, make sure that you are aware that there might be some bumps along the way. But do not worry, this will give you good lessons on how to practice patience in the face of the stress of not getting things right. Eventually, you will get there. Begin working on a prototype, or a sample format of the game that you want, art design, player functions, story flat and so much more. Once you get to master your prototype, then you may be able to share it and play with it.

Pick the tools you need

There are available apps you can download online and have some good quality output as well, The apps will help you make your designs for video game and also provide numerous tutorials that you can use to develop game your game programs. You may want to use professional game development software, however, it may be too costly and would require advanced computer programming and coding skills.

Incorporate some graphics and sounds into your game

If you want to make your game more attractive, you may need to plug in some creative graphics into your game program, the same with having good sound effects or music. This can make your game more engaging as sound effects can help stir up the imagination during gameplay. Don't try to make it too complex at first, you may want to master the basic study before you start to go into hardcore game development.

Evaluate and gather feedback

Once you have finished setting up your game, try to get some friends to do sample plays with your game. Ask them to evaluate it for you in an honest way, so that you can get good feedback and see where you can improve your game. You can do the same thing over again and try to add in the things that you have learned along the way, after all, practice makes perfect.