How to add a hyperlink in Illustrator

Adobe Illustrator is one of today ˜go to software applications for graphic designs and illustrations due to its dynamic features and a lot of helpful resources that can be used online and offline. Whether you are designing a book, a comic spread, a new shack or to anything as complex as a concept car or motorbike, the Illustrator can become your best friend.

Why use Illustrator?

Many people also use Illustrator for not just for hobby or fun, others make a living out of it. Graphic designers make wonderful renderings using Illustrator, as well as art and advertising companies also use Illustrator as their primary rendering software in executing designs. Others use Illustrator for spectacular vector projects, which can be very helpful and tops the list among the most preferred software for such a purpose. When we mean vector graphics, it practically lets you create images retain its original quality no matter how it is being stretched, magnified or skewed. It retains the quality by a computer- generated system built into the software that makes it possible. Many graphic designers use Illustrator to also create designs that they can use for websites, especially since the versatile platform of Illustrator can make it easy for a designer to create and upload quality graphics and layouts to a website. One of the cool features that you can have with Illustrator is the ability to create a hyperlink for a string of text or characters that can be found within the graphic file.

Creating a hyperlink

A hyperlink is a link that you create to access another website or a URL that would redirect a user to the destination that you choose. A destination page could be to another website, a succeeding web page or link to a file that can be opened once the user clicks the link. The link can be embedded on a graphic icon or a series of texts and is characterized by a symbol of a hand pointing to at the icon or link, which indicates that it is a link that you can click to be redirected. This is essentially beneficial for a website with multiple pages where you could use icons to redirect page visitors to other linked sites of their choosing like a FAQ page, customer data form, alternate sites for information, etc.

Opening the file

The first thing that you need to do is copy the URL of the page you want to be linked, then open a new file in Illustrator. If you have a completed your file that needs to be linked, open the file. Upon opening Illustrator, it will give you a bunch of dialog boxes for different menu options. Choose the Select tool which can be found on the top left menu where it shows you the Tools panel, then select the object or texts you want to link.

Open an MSWord document

Open a word document and paste the URL that you copied into it then create a filename for it. Older MS word versions would automatically use the URL text as the filename for it if you simply save the file without naming it. Go back to Illustrator and click File Place scroll down to the icon that will be hyperlinked remove text formatting then place the image in the document. For objects or icons, do the same steps except you select Slice Options instead of Place, select the Image option for the dropdown inside the dialog box and paste the URL in the field. Save when done.