A beginner’s guide to web design

Web design is right now one of the most lucrative ventures that you can come across. There are a whole lot of web design opportunities that you can find on the market today from the simple to the most advanced ones. If you are artistically and creatively-inclined, with a good working knowledge of computers and web technology, then you just might be a perfect candidate for a web designer..

How to design a logo

A logo is a symbol of your identity as a company or entity. It can represent a lot of different things from the nature of your business, a family crest, your favorite symbol, etc. Logos are important especially if you want to create a brand. This is extremely beneficial if you have a business because it helps people recall your symbol to the products or services services that you promote. It also helps you with branding.

How to Write a Cover Letter for a Graphic Design Job

It’s practically a good career move to land a job as a graphic designer, which can really be financially rewarding and fulfilling. Nowadays, new innovations with the design are making the world a more visually- inclined age with the state of the art graphic designs and images always highlighting everyday things like billboard advertising, building design, public structures.

How to design a video game

Designing a video game can be a lot of fun. Designing a game and having it sold is one of the most rewarding times in the life of a graphics animator and game designer. However, becoming a game designer would require adequate training to train you on the essentials of computer-aided design tools, principles and the various techniques that are developed just for game design.

How to add a hyperlink in Illustrator

Adobe Illustrator is one of today ˜go to software applications for graphic designs and illustrations due to its dynamic features and a lot of helpful resources that can be used online and offline. Whether you are designing a book, a comic spread, a new shack or to anything as complex as a concept car or motorbike, the Illustrator can become your best friend.